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Review of ALTBalaji’s Gandii Baat 2: New sexual template that sadly panders to old clichés 


For a long time, Indian audiences did not get to see real rooted sex stories. All this is changing, post the new upcoming digital crest. ALTBalaji is one of the forerunners of the new phenomenon that finally comes around to accepting that sex is more than two flowers meeting and they have no hesitation in showing this very natural act.

After the super success of Gandii Baat, soap and now also web queen, Ekta Kapoor has come up with its much-awaited sequel. Here too, there are four different stories, all only related to sex. We saw three of them to base our review.

Normally, when any sexual content is talked about, the first thing people do is diss it. But rather than getting moralistic, we will stick to the truth. A lot of rural and small-town Indians (Gandi Baat stories are centred there) are getting laid, left, right and centre. The only problem is they don’t want to admit it.

The success of the series also indicates that there is a huge latent audience for such explicit content. This was never a debate to start with, as porn has always got numbers.

To those who give the argument that this is against Indian traditions, our short and sweet answer is, guys don’t watch if you don’t like it. But you can’t hoist your individualistic indulgences on other willing adults. I will not even go to the now oft-repeated Khajuraho line.

Here, we wish to emphasize that it is time parents took up the cudgels of ensuring that their children don’t watch age-inappropriate content. The state can’t always be a nanny as it already polices broadcast TV.

If, rather than leading to reactionary calls like banning or web censorship, (wonder how it will be technically enforced in the first place), such content can lead to a debate on lifting the traditional taboo on sex, making life better for millions of physical intimacy starved Indians, it would be worthwhile.

Having said that, the content-makers have also played to the lowest common denominator of trying to equate gay sex with crime in the first 2 episodes. Just the SC scrapping of article 377 will not do; you also need to empower both homosexual and bisexual people to come out of the closet. Instead, such shows paint them as more deviant than ever before. Not all bisexual women murder their husbands to live happily ever after. The very powerful audio-visual format often leaves a deep impression on viewers.


But yes, the series does bring out the huge hidden voyeurism (boy peeping into girl’s room in second episode) and socially inappropriate relationships (third episode, sister-in-law tries to seduce her brother-in-law). A lot of this does happen behind closed doors.

The series also focuses on the Indian obsession with the size of female breasts, which often drives less-endowed girls crazy. The scene where the mother makes the girl apply oil to increase her bust size and adds cotton (to increase cleavage appearance) to her dress is reflective of what really happens.

On the flipside, the man who is unable to satisfy his woman also goes through hell. But here again, rather than focusing on its disastrous effect on the male psyche, they paint him as villain. Guys, where is the sexual sensitivity that new age India is supposed to have?

All this is shown as dirty, hence the title. Even the talking is dark; beyond a point you do get bored. Post Sacred Games, top frontal nudity is a given, though here the women have covered themselves with their arms during love-making scenes. Will a time come when the full monty will also be the norm?

Here, full credit must be given to the actors (Flora Saini), who had the gumption to do love-making scenes, especially the lesbian one, given the fierce reaction it elicits. Plus, you also get typecast as being only a bold artist.

Writers Vishal and Renu also need to be praised, for they have brought tales from real India; there is no urban pretence whatsoever. Director and Producer Sachin Mohite must also be given a pat on the back; his team at Jaasvand Entertainment has brought local accents (Haryanvi, Uttar Pradesh) and mannerisms where required. The costumes and sets are just what the doctor ordered. The use of well-known Bollywood numbers adds to the sensuous moments.

In closing, we say Gandii Baat 2 is a decent enough watch if you can ignore the above points in your mind.

We credit it with 3.5 stars out of 5.

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