Married Woman Dairies Part 2 on Sony LIV has its moments of chuckles…

Review of Married Woman Dairies Part 2: Funny and interesting in parts

Some shows, although made with good intentions, just don’t tickle your funny bone. Well, something similar seems to be the case with Sony LIV’s show, Married Woman Dairies Part 2.

Continuing from Season 1, Rishi (Abhishek Rawat) and Shweta (Sulagna Panigrahi replaces Suzanna Mukherjee) are trying hard to bring out the massive changes to life which a kid brings. Guys, we get that; yet, your punches and one-liners just don’t connect.

Having a condom brand as a sponsor means sex does come into play, but, as many couples find out, crying babies often spoil all the romance.

The scene, where Rishi ends up trying paints throughout the whole house in an attempt get the right colour of the baby crib, was good. But alas, follow-up punches were not that up to the mark. He also epitomizes most men, who have no clue about how to take care of a baby, i.e. the diaper dig.

Trying to fuse stand-up comedy with fiction, (Shweta is a stand-up artist) is always tricky, as it is not an easy task to put your thoughts on celluloid. We had loved Season 1; hope the makers iron out the glitches and come out with a much better third season. The concept has meat for sure.

Sulagna, who first gained fame with Amber Dhara, is superb as both, stand up and actor. The scene where she admits that she has aged was fully ironic (showing a picture of Suzanna was funny, and something most women would identify with). She looks hot in those short dresses, and to be honest, does not look vulgar, for there is no unnecessary show of skin as it happens with most web series. Suzanna had done a good job; wonder why she was replaced with Sulagna. It can’t be for a more mature look, as Abhishek still looks the same.

Abhishek, better known as Shekhar Singh of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, is doing his job, of the totally loving yet goofy husband, to the T. But sadly, your act is only as good as your script. We feel that, had they reduced the length of the beginner episodes, it might have helped.

Having said that..the beauty of web is that it’s meant for convenient viewing and the preference is ‘to each his own’.

The franchise is one of the most talked about in the web entertainment space and draws immense potential from being a known entity in an otherwise cluttered content space.

Go check it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments section, if you concur with us or not. Hope the parents’ scenes impress you guys.

It was good to note that maker Kabir Sadanand did try to go beyond sex, and address the issues that parent’s face, which adds layers of cadence and credibility to storytelling.

Hope desi web quickly matures and gives us content like Yankee shows, where sex is there but is part of the narrative and does not seem forced. The concept remains the king.

We would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

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