Review of VOOT original Fuh Se Fantasy – A breezy erotica

Review of VOOT series Fuh Se Fantasy

Review of VOOT original Fuh Se Fantasy – A breezy erotica

With India at the cusp of a digital revolution, VOOT is one player to look out for in the coming quarters. For they have a slew of new shows lined up. Their past original slate, though small, has been good i.e. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan got a good response moving to web from broadcast.

The latest entry from their stable is a sexual fetish show, Fuh Se Fantasy. Bedroom fantasies have been the subject matter of private discussions for years, yet no one talks about them for fear of being called out a pervert. The best part of this series is that they have dealt with the issue in a very sensitive and aesthetic manner. Had all the makers (one being Bodhi Tree) wanted, they could have made it virtual porn like others, but no.

So far four episodic stories with different fantasies have been uploaded on the app. There are six more to come soon. We are waiting with bated breath for what the remaining episodes will unravel as well.

We did not see the story in chronological order but randomly selected episodes to watch.

The first story, Nyotaimori, dealt with an office executive, Sushil (Naveen Kasturia), who flips for a Japanese woman working in a nude sushi bar. The scene where his friend gets beaten up for creating a scene was fun. Sushil is in a live in relationship with a psycho, power-hungry girl, who always keeps him under her thumb. Since Sushi does not know either English or Hindi, the romance with obvious language difficulties was fun. The scene where he gets her Chinese grub was reflective of our common mindset to perceive all oriental-looking people as Chinese, when in reality, they are very diverse (Korean, Japanese, Malay etc). The lovemaking scenes were shot very well. They did not look vulgar. Although Sushil’s friend Manoj does not like his buddy’s gal, he still bats for her as she is normal. We will not reveal the ending, why don’t you check it yourself on the app. Just one thing, it could have been made shorter.

The story we liked the most was the one in which Karan Wahi has a foot fetish. Its run length was just spot on. Karan acts really well as the foot masseuse Barun, who goes a bit overboard, which costs him his job. Interestingly, some other female client liked it as well.

His dialogue with his friend who ridicules his fetish was fun and again symptomatic of why people don’t talk about their hidden secrets.

When the same friend is hurt by another female masseuse when he ridicules their profession, it was a slap in the face of society, which discriminates between people as per their job profiles. It is like once you get an MBA, your life is sorted for good. The shrink scene was really funny.

Karan brings out the latent desires and frustrations very well. His eyes do the heavy lifting for him. It is good that Karan is unlike several other TV actors who shy away from edgy concepts for fear of antagonizing core GEC viewers.

Priya Banerjee, who plays the female lead, really does not have much to do except the making out part. Hope they could have given her more layering.

The chor police story was also fun. Here Sudha (Sanaya Pithawala) has a dangerous fetish of police interrogation. Luckily, they did not go down the ugly BDSM (Basic Instinct) route; rather, it was dealt in a fun manner. Glad the makers gave her a middle-class background, breaking the false notion that fetishes are only the domain of the well-heeled. It’s just that the former don’t talk about it.

No wonder the male lead, Bhargav (Anshuman Maho) is scared to fulfill his girl’s desires. She goes to the extent of giving him an ultimatum. The climax again was fun; the fear of getting caught was plastered all over Sudha’s face, another middle-class issue.

Have we all not secretly fantasized about making out at weird places? Well, our last story, Mile High Club, fits into that category. The lead couple wants to get dirty in a college lab, hospital room, and someone else’s bridal suite.

They then get a bit adventurous and try to make out inside a plane. To find out what happens next, please watch the show. Both are very natural in the loving-making scenes; normally, Indian actors get cagey and that looks bad on screen.

All in all, we enjoyed all the breezy tales about the forbidden fruit.

We, at IWMBuzz, would rate Fu Se Fantasy 3.5/5

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