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Aakansha Kadre will be part of the Season 2 of Damaged the Hungama web-series. Read details here.

Aakansha Kadre to play pivotal role in Damaged 2

Theatre actress Aakansha Kadre is looking forward to her first full-fledged digital series. She will play a pivotal role in Season 2 of Hungama web series and thriller, Damaged.

“I can’t say more as I have been asked by the makers not to reveal more details. I love the www format, for it not only offers interesting stories and characters, but has opened up another medium, apart from theatre, big screen and small screen. Prior to this, I have done several short films.”

According to sources, Amruta Khanvilkar, who played a serial killer in Damaged 1, will not be part of the sequel. She will be replaced by another big name as lead. Aakansha plays a strong, layered, mother character here, added the source.

Apart from Damaged 2, Aakansha is currently busy with the rehearsals of her new biopic play, based on India’s first leading lady, Devika Rani’s (Ira Dubey) relationship with her husband, Himanshu Rai (Joy Sengupta).

“My aged caretaker character is the only fictional character. Poorna is important in the sense that she is shown as Devika Rani’s alter ego. Rather than having her talk to herself, the director Lillete Dubey made me step in. She gives the impulsive Devika much-needed advice on her life and financial problems.”

“Doing older roles comes easily to me. I had even played a middle-aged lady in my debut feature film, My Dear Wife. It is challenging, but then I always like to push myself.”

Here Aakansha adds, “Although Devika Rani is set in 1930-50, it is still relevant, for the base issue that female actors face even today is the same (patriarchal society). But yes, back then, every woman needed to be on the right side of men to be safe, and in a way, that played a big role in what finally happened to her. But today, women are more assertive and #MeToo movements have made working environments more female friendly.”

Aakansha, who has been doing stage for a long time, working with Rasika Agashe, Lillete, etc., says, “Stage helps me become naked with my emotions in front of the world. I am no longer scared to say or do anything as part of my role.”


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