Friends and industry mates Neerushaa Nikhat, Abhinav Shukla and Baishakhi Banerjee join hands for a unique movement of saving the textile industry.

Brand Neerushaa’s unique effort to be directed by Baishakhi Banerjee and Abhinav Shukla

Best of friends Abhinav Shukla and Baishakhi Banerjee along with famous and renowned stylist Neerushaa Nikhat have worked on an awareness creating concept with the thought of saving the hand-crafted textile industry!!

Neerushaa has relaunched her brand ‘Neerushaa’ with intent of saving the hand-crafted clothes. As we know, with the emergence of various technologies and machinery, the textile industry is suffering big time and the root of our textile industry, that is cotton is slowly losing its market and popularity.

In order to save the industry, Neerushaa with the help of the creative minds of Abhinav and Baishakhi has worked on few short films which will not only talk about women empowerment but will also uplift the work of hand-crafted clothes.

Abhinav Shukla the actor cum thinker who has a great body of work always likes to work in real zone. His very thought of wanting to work in the real zone to create a change in the society has blossomed and made this launch possible.

Today Neerushaa relaunches her new brand with the help of few short films, each varying from 2 minutes to 6 minutes duration. The films will depict the strong women of today, and will also talk about the importance of the usage of cotton in the textile industry. Abhinav and Baishakhi have directed the films for Neerushaa’s brand. Abhinav has also done the cinematography for the project.

Says Baishakhi, “This is not about just the clothes, it’s a movement that Brand Neerushaa has come up with in an effort to save the textile industry, especially the hand-crafted clothes. Our short films come with a strong story. It is a concept shoot with a different thought which also talks about the empowerment of women.”

Brand Neerushaa launches today, 12 March. The films will stream on YouTube on Neerushaa’s page and also on Baishakhi and Abhinav’s Youtube page, Bodhi Arts.

Do you agree to their thoughts of saving the hand-crafted textile industry?

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