Which character of Sumeet Vyas did you like the most — Chandan or Mikesh?

Chandan or Mikesh: Pick your favorite Sumeet Vyas character

Sumeet Vyas has had an impressive career in the entertainment industry. With a string of web series and short films that followed soon after, Sumeet quickly became one of the most promising faces in Bollywood.

Apart from his charming looks, Sumeet is also undoubtedly a brilliant actor. Be it Bollywood movies or short dramas, the actor has always put his best foot forward and manages to shine through all his performances.

The web series where it all started, which first brought Sumeet in the limelight, was Permanent Roommates.

Sumeet as Mikesh was an absolute delight to watch. This sweet, charming guy who would do anything for his girlfriend managed to carve a place in our hearts.

The popularity of this web series only brought him into the spotlight and helped cement him as an actor to reckon with.

Soon after Permanent Roommates, Tripling happened. And once again, Sumeet had us all amazed with his performance as Chandan. A road trip drama featuring three siblings, Sumeet played the eldest brother and managed to bring realness to the character. He was a treat to watch.

Sumeet Vyas never fails to impress his audience, be it the role of Chandan in Tripling or Mikesh in Permanent Roommates.

Which of Sumeet’s character did you like the most?

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