In conversation with Gavie Chahal who will soon make his digital debut with the web-series Title Role produced and directed by Dhanjanya Singh.

Gavie Chahal to make his web debut with Title Role

Talented and good-looking dude, Gavie Chahal, last seen in the Salman Khan-led Tiger Zinda Hai, is now looking forward to his web debut.

He is playing a very important character in the Dhanjanya Singh produced and directed 4-season digital product, Title Role, which will soon start streaming on a huge OTT platform.

“As the title suggests, it traces the lives of personalities in our media/entertainment world. Today, everyone wants to be number one, but very few can actually reach the pinnacle. Our series shows what happens to those who fail to make the cut. On the other side, we also reflect on the mental frame of the lucky few. It is often said that he or she has developed airs, but have we bothered to ponder on how he/she was dealt with before? Is it not human nature to want to give back? We are just showing the seamier side of this very coveted industry.”

“Season 1, consisting of 10-12 episodes has wrapped up. Title Role also stars Sanyogita, Prakash Bhatt and Priya Sindhu (MTV Roadies Xtreme),” says Gavie, who first got nationwide fame as a Pakistani spook in Tiger Zinda Hai.

Talking about web per se, Gavie says, “It offers us creative freedom. Normally, many human emotions cannot be shown on TV or films due to censorship issues. Also, web is a good opportunity for budding filmmakers and actors to make an effective show reel for themselves.” He had debuted with Mohe Rang De (2008) on the tube, before doing Punjabi flicks as lead.

But then what about the unnecessary show of skin and abuse on WWW? “Well, some do exploit this freedom of censorship, but then that is the nature of the beast. I can speak only for Title Role, where while having the elements of love-making and glamour associated with Tinsel Town, it does not look vulgar. Kudos to the director for maintaining aesthetic beauty.”

Looking ahead, Gavie will soon wrap up shooting of Torbaaz with Sanjay Dutt, followed by a Punjabi film. “There are talks going on for one more web series as well. Let’s see how things pan out.”

Wish you all the best for your future endeavours, Gavie.

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