Download ZEE5 and participate in #SuperfanChallenge on HiPi, stand a chance to feature in Zee Rishtey Awards episode along with your favourite ZEE TV star

Golden opportunity: Participate in #SuperfanChallenge on HiPi and meet your favourite star

It’s time for you to live the life of a star. Download ZEE5 and participate in #SuperfanChallenge on HiPi.

ZEE5’s innovative platform called ‘HiPi’ is a place where users can create exciting content and publish their videos in their own style. HiPi allows users to create short videos of up to 90 seconds and add music tracks, filters and other visual effects. There are hundreds of cool filters and effects that users can add to their videos and then publish them on the platform.

ZEE5’s HiPi is a fun place where users can uninhibitedly and unapologetically be themselves without fear of being judged, take part in fun challenges, and co-create videos with some of the most popular comedians, content creators and celebrities. All of this makes HiPi the ultimate platform for any content creator.

Now, HiPi’s new #SuperfanChallenge is truly epic. It allows fans a chance to meet their favourite celebrity and also share the stage with them. WOW!!!

Yes, the winner of #SuperfanChallenge actually gets to feature in a TV episode of the much coveted and glitzy Zee Rishtey Awards along with their favourite ZEE TV celebrity.

Isn’t that amazing?

IWMBuzz editorial believes that the idea truly leverages the power of a social video platform along with the popularity and fan following of the leading ZEE TV celebs, thereby creating strong engagement with the fans and building FANDOM on HiPi.

So what do you need to do? It’s simple.

· Download Zee5, Sign up / Register on HiPi

· Go to Discover page and choose your favorite dialogue from any ZEE TV show

· Upload your video lip-syncing to the audio track with the #SuperfanChallenge

Voila!!! You are done and a lucky one wins the mega prize.

The challenge dates are from 21 November to November 28, 2020.

So, hurry up. Download ZEE5 and participate in #SuperfanChallenge on HiPi.

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