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Maaya 3 story might be taken forward?

Maaya 4 on cards?

The success of the Vikram Bhatt-produced web series Maaya 3 has made him and director daughter Krishna to consider making a sequel of this story about a doctor’s (Mukul Dev) relationship with his son’s girlfriend (Cheshta Bhagat), rather than taking the original franchise ahead by making a stand-alone series on separate taboo topics as they did before with Maaya 1 (BDSM) and Maaya 2 (lesbian love), as per the information shared by our informed source.

The ending of season 3 itself leaves room for another season of the story, as it is not complete. Those who have seen the series will know what we mean. And interestingly, if it does happen, shooting should take place in the beautiful locales of Europe (ending). So expect a lot of the oomph factor.

“Apart from the drama between the leads, there are enough unclosed threads involving Akash’s wife (Deepshikha Nagpal) and son (Mohit Malhotra),” added our source.
Chestha Bhagat said she has no formal info about the same. “Krishna had routinely told us in the group that given the popularity of S3, she might consider taking the story forward.”

“I have no info on whether the story will go forward or if the above tale will indeed be extended. But yes, there is enough juice left.”

Asked if she will be ready to push the bold envelope, Cheshta, popular for TV shows such as Buddy Project and Pyaar Ka Bandhan, said, “Yes, but I don’t think I would be ready for nudity. In fact, even when my current season was discussed, I did tell Krishna about my dos and don’ts. But it is not that the screenplay was changed due to my comfort level. I did agree to open my shirt buttons and kiss, but then beyond that, the story did not need these elements.”

“I just might say yes for some form of nudity, for I trust the Bhatts to not make it vulgar.”

Krishna Bhatt did not confirm nor deny the possibility of taking the above story forward or come up with a new story for Maaya 4. “Right now we are basking in the glory of Maaya 3. I guess it shows that you can’t bind love in any format or norms. It just happens.”

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