Ssumier Pasricha famously known as Pammi Aunty – the middle-aged housewife look, a purple towel wrapped jauntily around the head, speaking truly like a lively Punjabi aunty with wit, detailing the chunks of everyday existence in Delhi, has garnered thousands of followers and lakhs of views on social media in a short span of time.

Pummy Aunty is back with a bang and has announced a new series. ‘Teaser: Khanna Bhenji di saas Margayi…?’

The series will feature Jayati Bhatia as Mrs. Kamlesh Bhatia, Smita Bansal as Babli, Nimishia Vakharia as Mrs. Sushma Malhotra.

Talking about the same, Ssumier says, “It will be something amazing for the audience to watch. There were people few who have got a face. It was not difficult to cast the actors as I knew these talented actresses and they are very good friends too. However, to get all together was difficult as everyone was busy with something or the other. I had sent them the script so that we all come prepared. I and Smita are well aware with the Punjabi dialect hence it was easy for us. I just taught Jayati and Nimisha few Punjabi words. It will be a kick-ass episode which viewers will love.”

Ssumier had a stint in TV show Sasural Simar Ka, where he played the role of Shailendra Bharadwaj for 3 years. He had exhausted all creative resources in three years and decided to quit, to do something more creatively stimulating.

Good luck Ssumier!