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Sharmila Sharma to feature in Dulha Wanted

Sharmila Sharma in Times Internet’s Dulha Wanted

Dulha Wanted, the web series from the show stables of Times internet, helmed by iDiva and Futterwack has a power packed ensemble cast.

IndianWikiMedia has been exclusively reporting on the latest updates from the series.

We have already mentioned about actors featuring in the show namely Tridha Choudhury, Surekha Sikri, Kashyap Shangari, Taniya Kalra, Vaarun Bhagat, Tarun Malhotra, Neeraj Malviya, Gaurav Alugh, Rajveer, Akshay Anand Kohli among others.

Now, we have learnt that Sharmila Sharma has also joined the steller cast. She will play the role of Vimmi.

Sharmila is a regular contributor for different blogging sites.

Dulha Wanted is set to beam in 2018.

Sharmila remained unavailable for a comment.

IndianWikiMedia will soon come up with more updates.

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