Siddharth Kannan excels as host in the new ZEE5 chat show, Kuchh Hat Ke. Read here for details.

Siddharth Kannan’s sparkling new celebrity chat show on ZEE5, Kuchh Hat Ke

There are only two categories of people in India who are the subject of unrestrained love and adoration from the besotted masses – Bollywood celebrities and members of the Indian cricket team.

The love and affection that Indians have for their favourite actors and cricketers is to be seen to be believed. That is also the reason why celebrity chat shows are always a hit in a celeb-loving country such as ours. We are always eager to catch a byte from our beloved celebs. Watching them pour out their innermost secrets and sentiments on these celebrated chat shows gives us a feeling of personal connect with them.

Cashing in on the chat show mania, ZEE5 has just started streaming a celeb chat show on its platform, intriguingly called Kuchh Hat Ke.

The show is hosted by the indomitable Siddharth Kannan in his inimitable style.

The first episode featured Siddharth having a heart to heart with Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur, the stars of the just released Bollywood flick, Super 30.

While the stars obviously spoke about their new film, the highlight of the show for us was the delightful anecdotes that the two shared from their childhood years, their struggling days, and of course, their path to fame.

Credit must be given to Siddharth Kannan, the host of the show, for the affable and energetic manner in which he steered the episode to keep it engaging and entertaining.

Siddharth is known to be a live wire, and on Kuch Hat Ke, he was truly in his element – effervescent, exuberant and bubbling with verve and vivacity.

In fact, so palpable was Siddharth’s enthusiastic energy that even Hrithik Roshan commented on it, not once, not twice, but several times during the episode’s run time. And if Hrithik, the epitome of sizzling hot energy, envies your energy, that really is the best compliment one can get, what say?

To come back to the show, Hrithik and Mrunal won our hearts with their candid revelations and disclosures, put across with heart-touching vulnerability. Hrithik’s unreserved and forthright confessions on an entire gamut of topics especially struck a nerve within us.

The true skill of a host becomes apparent in the way he draws out the innermost feelings of his guests, and Siddharth Kannan proved that he is one of the best we have.

In one instance, he coaxed Hrithik to share a particularly embarrassing incident from his childhood, which had led to a sound thrashing from Papa Roshan. Siddharth skillfully nudged a visibly reluctant Hrithik to spill the beans on that one. It was a hilarious, yet touching, recounting of that incident from Hrithik. Kannan’s amiable ways won the day for him, proving that his friendly, non-intimidating tactics are the best way to get our dear celebs to tell all!

The show also had a segment where Kannan got his guests to play interesting games, with iconic Hindi film dialogues and plots being the game’s highlights. It was a fun segment, made all the more enjoyable by Siddharth Kannan’s rip-roaring mimicry.

A special mention must be made of the sets of the show. The sets are designed with dollops of understated elegance and chic classiness, lending a hint of sophisticated panache to the show.

The 21-minute episode sped by in the blink of an eye, amply demonstrating the host’s ability to keep things light, frothy and moving along at a fast clip.

Episode 1 of Kuch Hat Ke was a delightful aberration in the hectic, stressful lives we lead.

Go watch it folks – sooner, rather than later!

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