TikTok star Jannat Zubair wins a special award

TikTok queen Jannat Zubair wins a special award: find out what...

Social media queen, Jannat Zubair, who is a well-known TV actress and TikTok star is winning love from across the globe.

Jannat is no doubt ruling social media and has gained more than 12.5 M followers on Instagram. She keeps her social media handles busy with her daily posts. She has managed to shock the world into awe with her talents and looks. Her graceful and classy personality is something that has become a key identifying factor for her as a person and as a celebrity. She is an influencer of the youth and a person of great admiration among the older crowds.

On woman’s day, she won the award of ‘iconic face of the year’. However, the entire country was dealing with coronavirus pandemic hence she did not share it. Today, she took to her Instagram and shared the news. Take a look.

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