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Ankush Bhatt, Producer and Director of ALTBalaji’s web-series Boss Baap of Special Services gets into a conversation with

Boss Baap of Special Services is full-on masala: Producer and Director Ankush Bhatt

Ankush Bhatt, producer and director of Karan Singh Grover’s ALTBalaji web series, Boss Baap of Special Services, is quite hopeful about its prospects once it hits the www from 2nd August.

Says Ankush, “We have got a very good response to the trailer and are confident that it will become a huge hit. Having said that, I am also smart enough to wait for the all-powerful janta to give its final verdict.”

“The best thing about Boss is that it does not follow the heavy-duty web drama format but is more masala, which should attract all sections of society. Those who have seen the rushes say it looks more like a feature film than a 10-episode web series”.

Here Ankush adds, “Although Boss has lovemaking scenes, they are not shot in a vulgar way with top angles etc., but something along the lines of James Bond, given the storyboard.”

He is very happy to have worked with Karan again. “You can say we will be third time lucky (3 Dev and Firkee did not see the light of day).”

Ankush is also very thankful to the ALTBalaji creative team. “It is no mean task to finish an entire project in 6-8 months flat. They give you full freedom to follow your vision and if you take certain steps on your own, also shoulder responsibility for the same.”

Most web series have sequels. “Yes, we too have plans to make this property into a big franchise. However, I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. Let the first season numbers come out, then accordingly will take all future decisions.”

Ankush, who become producer (Filmy Paltan) with this venture, says till now, only being director, he was not getting due credit for doing his extra bit to save the film or make it better. “Also, I had to take a lot of flak from actors and fans alike when the above films could not get released for whatever reasons.” Ankush is known for making flicks. like Mumbai Mirror and Bhindi Bazaar. He had also made one short film Sparsh, with Puja Gupta and Kay Kay Menon. Then there is one more short with a well-known TV name that will release soon.

“So now I have decided to become my own master. I am very lucky to have found a partner in Ashish Kapoor.”

“We have a few more projects in the pipeline, but yes, all will depend on how Boss turns out to be.”

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