Ram Madhvani talks about music and what went in making the soundtrack of Aarya

Good music communicates directly to your heart: Ram Madhvani

Ram Madhvani is a stellar filmmaker. Creative and sensitive, his art to communicate via camera is exemplary beyond imagination.

However, Ram, apart from sketching gripping imagery on celluloid, is also a keen admirer of good music, a trait which is evident in the immersive sounds and effects in the latest web series Aarya (Disney Hotstar).

Aarya, helmed by Ram and given wings by Sushmita Sen, has opened to a roaring response and recently, in a rather unique feat, the makers launched its OST in a press conference.

Said Ram, “The lyrics and music everything has come together so beautifully. The creative courage that comes from Vishal (Khurana) is paramount. Good music communicates directly to your heart, and thus, we always try to do it. Vishal, my music director has shown immense ability to push the envelope in Aarya.”

The much talked about composition in the series is the recital of Bhagwat Gita.

“It is fabulous, if you listen to it. Vishal’s compositions, like when you hear the shehnai, hit you and you start crying. The reverberations are so positive. Aarya is a strong film and its music helps to do justice to it,” ended. Ram.

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