I am gratified to have mentored a project as big as BOSE: Dead / Alive – Hansal Mehta, Creative Producer and Director

The man who creatively helmed ALTBalaji’s web-series, BOSE: Dead / Alive in conversation with IndianWikiMedia.com

I am gratified to have mentored a project as big as BOSE: Dead / Alive – Hansal Mehta, Creative Producer and Director

Hansal Mehta, the film maker and director calls it a gratifying experience to have got yet another opportunity to work with his ‘Man of the Moment’, Rajkummar Rao in ALTBalaji’s web-series, BOSE : Dead / Alive.

BOSE: Dead / Alive has received an overwhelming response from the masses and from the industry fraternity.

IndianWikiMedia.com got in touch with the ace Creative Producer and Director to know his feelings on the success of BOSE.

Hansal said, “It is a very gratifying feeling to see the work of a new Director (Pulkit). I am more pleased that I have mentored a project and mentored a Director who has shown so much of promise to achieve somthing of this scale on the digital platform. It is a nice feeling that we have made the start for bigger shows on the web.”

When asked about the memorable moments from the filming of the web-series and the Director was quick to say, “Everything about it was memorable. When I saw Rajkummar for the first time after having shaved off his head, it was quite a surprise for me. The dedication of the actor towards playing a character was indeed inspiring. I think it inspired everyone to give their absolute best.”

BOSE: Dead / Alive will be special because of the fact that the shoot happened extensively in India and also abroad.  The web-series has been shot in Poland, Thailand, Ladakh, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Talking about his satisfying long association with Rajkummar, Hansal stated, “This is my fifth collaboration (Shahid, Citylights, Aligarh and Omerta being the other four) with Rajkummar. He’s a fabulous actor. We are happy that BOSE has been received so well. It involves a lot effort, we have put in lot of blood, sweat and toil. There has been a lot of conviction and belief from Ekta Kapoor. Also, there has been a huge production support from Big Synergy. Overall, all of this is the result of a very strong team effort. The ALT Balaji team that carried out the research, Anuj Dhar’s book ‘India’s Biggest Cover Up’ on which the research has been based have really helped us create something very unique in setting high standards.”

Talking about the overall essence and the addition of the fictional characters in the setup, the Creative Producer stated, “It is the dramatization of the researched material. Yes there are fictional characters too. First being Stanley who represents the British Raj and the growing frustration against Subhash Chandra Bose. The other being Darbarilal who represents the Indians who sort of subjugated themselves to the British Raaj. These are two fictional characters that are composites of observed characters.”

When asked about the plausible Season 2 of BOSE, Hansal said, “You never know. That is something I can’t talk about now.”

On his personal digital experience, the talented man said, “The medium is new for all of us. Indeed it is a very exciting medium. The best part is that your work will be viewed by people at their own leisure and free time. The work is not weighed down by a weekend, or dependent on a Friday. The digital platform has the feeling of perpetuity as your material is there forever for people to watch. It is the most promising place for story tellers to tell new stories.

Best of luck for your future ventures, Hansal!!

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