Kabir Sadanand upbeat about his upcoming web series Virgin Women Diaries

Virgin Women Diaries will be clean, wholesome entertainment – Kabir Sadanand

Actor turned Producer and Director Kabir Sadanand is now back after the super-success of his first web series, ‘Married Women Diaries’.

Frog Pictures’ new web-series, ‘Virgin Women Diaries’ will launch on 4 September and we at IndianWikiMedia.com caught up with an upbeat Kabir who got talking about his works for the digital platform.

Says Kabir, “Our stories are a mirror to society. Here is a girl who is in love with a guy, wants to be with him, and what goes through the minds of the young guy and girl at that age, is what we are trying to portray in a fun space where we reflect, enjoy and be entertained. This is the idea behind Virgin Women Diaries. We have some fabulous performances, and it has been a superb experience. The reactions that have come across with the teasers have only been overwhelming.  We were attempting to connect with the youngsters, and they have responded well. Above all, it is a breakaway from what you see on television.”

Talking about the positives of the digital platform, Kabir explains, “On web, we have a freedom of expression. When we say freedom of expression, we have not crossed any limits by coming up with something that is wrong , with abusive language. We have kept it clean, so that families can watch it and have fun.”

He continues, “Kiara plays this Gujarati girl who has come to India to study. She comes from a family which is traditionally Indian. She is in love with this guy, and wants to take the relationship to the next level. She is an adult now, and this is another message that we need to realize. When you have crossed 18, you just cannot be ruled by parents. We have Amit on the other hand, who is from a typically Indian setup. He genuinely loves the girl and listens to her. He respects her, and this is the underlining factor of his character. We then have Sameer, played by Nishant Shandilya, who has done a brilliant job. He is the face of the show. He comes with his idiosyncrasies, and his new-age profession of designing condoms. We have Anjali who represents that part of the society who talk a lot. We have Amit Behl and Delnaaz Irani who are fab. Amit is an institution in himself… He has done television, lot of stuff on online stuff. We have a mixed bag of good actors.  We have had very good writing by Manu Choubey. Vanita, who has been the anchor for us, understands television and online space very well. Lot of brainstorming has gone on and has been put in place with what will work with teenagers.”

So how has the online platform treated you?  Kabir on his journey states, “It has been a good decision for us. We have been at it for two years now. It has been a conscious decision taken to invest money and time on the onlines. We have had Sony LIV backing us, we have had Kamasutra as a brand with us. We are talking about a new project with them now. Online space, I feel is the future for entertainment. It targets the teenagers which have been neglected for years. Our earlier web series Married Women Diaries did really well and gave us the numbers. Even our short films we have put out have been received well (Papa We Love you Too and Life Fucks).”

Kabir adds on, “As a channel on Youtube, Frogs Lehren, we intend to give you sticky entertainment. On Facebook also, we have our page Frogs Lehren which have been giving us great numbers. To tell you more, Virgin Women Diaries will be the first web-series that will be coming from day one on Facebook also. So this is a feat in itself in addition to our launches on Sony LIV and Hungama Play. Sony LIV has also come up with a new addition, which shows their confidence in us. They have got a ‘Behind the Pay Wall’ where you can watch all the 11 episodes in one go from day one. This is another interesting aspect.”

On his overall journey, Kabir is ecstatic as he says, “It has been very encouraging for the whole team. Manu has gone ahead, worked on many other things online. On the online space, you don’t have time to think and procrastinate. You have to be on it. You have audience who is exposed to lot of other stuff. For us, the mandate is very clear. We are here to give clean entertainment, which is not skin and abusive language.”

Virgin Women Diaries stars actors Dhiraj Totlani, Archita Agarwal, Nishant Shandilya, Mridanjli Rawal, Amit Behl and Delnaaz Irani.

Here’s wishing the team of Virgin Women Diaries all the very best!!

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