Anish N Surana the Co-Producer of ZEE5’s series Phone-a-Friends gets into a conversation.

Phone-a-Friend will be a light-hearted comedy series: Co-Producer Anish N Surana

Anish N Surana who has been the Creative Director of many successful TV shows like Suryaputra Karn, Mere Sai, Naamkarann etc has ventured in production now.

With his vast experience of being in the creative helm for 15 years now, Anish along with his brother have jointly produced the upcoming ZEE5 series Phone-a-Friend. The 12 episodes series is a sci-fi romantic comedy between a guy, a girl and a cellphone.

The cast of the series includes Akhlaque Khan, Swati Kapoor, RJ Mantra.

The series is directed by Yash and Allyson, and produced by Utopia Films and co-produced by Anish N Surana, Ashish Mittal and Surabhi Mittal.

Says Ashish, “Phone-a-Friend is a quirky and humorous tale of love, friendship and what it means to be human. For me, this is my first production venture from being a Creative Director, one step ahead in my career. My brother was the first to get involved in this project and eventually, I got into it.”

“It is about a very unique concept. It is about a guy and the life change that he sees when his phone starts to talk to him. It is all about emotions when he gets to impress a girl. It is a light-hearted comedy and will be one series that people will love to watch,” he adds.

Way to go!!

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