Yuzvendra Chahal congratulates Yashvardhan Sharma

Yuzvendra Chahal congratulated Yashvardhan Sharma for his upcoming music video

Yashvardhan Sharma, a name for the best, begin to become better than what he did. To date, he is the founder of VOS Media and Voice of Souls and has many established pages on Instagram and Facebook. He is a YouTuber, an entertainment lover, and an influential figure, content producer at Viral Dunia. His name is one, but his thoughts are an infinite field of digital platforms with concepts and materials, with an express power with the unimaginable flow.

He will be producing a romantic, emotional song, “Aaja Na,” which is digitally managed and The Scoop Beats Media and Distribution by Heindia. According to sources, Yuzvendra Chahal also congratulated Yashvardhan for his upcoming project.

Yashvardhan was born on 11 June 2000, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh. He started his schooling from ST. Benedict and currently doing BBA-CA from the University of Pune.

Since the age of 18, he has been adding some uniqueness to today’s light. First, Viral Dunia and then thousands of subscribers to his YouTube channel and phenomenal traffic flow through Instagram and Facebook pages such as Voice of Souls, VOS Media, and Relationship Diary and a further 40 million traffic overall with Facebook and 20M + Followers are increasing.

Yashvardhan has always been a man of passion. His passion became a desire for entertainment news for all age groups and videos with original content. He used his means of communication to show his talent. Much has been added to his list of titles, and so far, we cannot assure what will be added to his acclaimed titles next.

With his debut on a content blogger, YouTuber, and finally, Instagram and Facebook pages, his content has always been a mixed mystery of entertainment that would be difficult to find in other places. So far, this young boy from Shivpuri’s small town in Madhya Pradesh may have been successful and influential, but it was just a beginning. He did all this for himself and for what he is known for.

“Media is a platform, and our content speaks for us, Yashvardhan Sharma inspires young minds.”

He says, “It may be wrong to call myself an expert in the titles given. When people approached me and asked me for help, suggestions, and ideas, I didn’t know what to give more than what was within me. I just told them. I am a follower of my passion, and love never resides within the mind’s walls. Okay, I’m just an entertainment lover who wanted to get people, spread a word of inspiration, and do what I’m doing. I hope to see it too.”

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