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Lets get inspired by Faisu to hit the gym from Monday morning.

Fitness King Faisu, The Biggest TikTok star

The biggest TikTok star, Faisal Shaikh, popularly known as Faisu, has been hitting the gym lately and the internet can’t stop talking about it.

Fans are eager to know about his diet plan, his gym routine and how he manages to be so energetic and fresh all the time. He keeps himself busy, and even though he is occupied by work all the time, he manages to hit the gym as well and he is very particular about his fitness and doesn’t compromise on it anytime.

The TikTok star is a fitness freak and maintains his diet. He gives priority to his health first. Even though he is out for most of his videos, he manages his calorie intake and works on himself.

Here are his hot pictures where our favourite Faisu is hitting the gym.

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