Check to see Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan’s childhood pictures

Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan’s Childhood Pictures Will Melt Your Heart

Reminiscing childhood is one of our common hobbies, isn’t it? And rolling back on our favourite celebrities’ childhood pictures is something we love to do. And today, we are up with Jannat Zubair and Arishfa Khan’s childhood pictures, which would melt your hearts! But before going there let’s read out the briefs of the trio.

Jannat Zubair is one of the best child actresses in The television industry, she has wowed us with her grand acting flairs in the TV show Phulwa, from where she started her career as an actress and never looked back. And if you have watched Phulwa then you will know, how cute she was a child. And her childhood pics are taking us back to those grand days.

On the other hand, Arishfa Khan is giving cuteness charge up to the fullest, with her childhood pictures. Arishfa Khan’s cute impressions seem to be ever-lasting, then and now! Her childhood pictures are something that we can’t miss anyway, and trust us! You will go all googly woogly woosh! She is the cutest, undoubtedly.

Here go the pictures!

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