Have a glance at the head to toe transformation of Jannat Zubair

Times when Jannat Zubair went from ‘Girl Next Door’ to ‘Absolute Diva’

Miracle does happen! But it comes with meticulous devotion and passion toward the dream, one hopes to be true! It is cosmic to watch young hearts thriving to the top with their big ambitions.

The era has clocked up again and it’s their time!

One of these young champs, Jannat Zubair, the colossal superstar, who rocked the screen with her masterly acting flairs, shared the big screen with Rani Mukherjee, began her journey from a very humble step. She was like any other usual girl, who lives next door but her determination and strong will pushed her up to the peak.

Jannat is now the style icon, youth loves her. She has owned a massive fan base. She perfectly knows how to ornament herself with perfection.

Jannat, as the name suggests, she is an absolute morning cherub!

Here are some of her transformation pictures.

And sail with your dream, already

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