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Jannat Zubair has taken down every single TikTok artist out there and has made herself ultimately victorious. But, here are some things that you may not know about her.

5 Surprising Facts About Jannat Zubair

TikTok star Jannat Zubair has been an absolute fan favourite ever since she appeared on screen. This girl has made social media go gaga over her sweetness and all the cute innocent pictures that she posts. She’s nothing less than a diva and if you check out her Instagram posts, you’ll agree too. She definitely knows how to win audience hearts with her amazing acting skills and her good looks. She has been a part of some of the most amazing shows and has stunned the audience with her various characters on the television screen.

Her roles as a mere child in shows like, Tu Ashiqui and Phulwa and managing to get a role in a movie as important as Hichki at such a young age is going to change her whole career in the future. At just 18, she is already a recognised name in the industry, which must mean a lot to her. She has learnt to tap into the pulse of the audience at a level that is unheard of. And the best part is, she has learnt to actually keep it that way. Many social media stars find it very difficult to actually stay in that zone for a long period of time.

Jannat Zubair’s life has primarily been in front of the people. And, living her life so close to public scrutiny has to have been hard and complicated to deal with. So, let’s celebrate her success and congratulate her.

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