The series Ishq Aaj Kal was really a spin-off of Zee TV’s show Ishq Subhan Allah. This is the first time that an OTT platform has created a spin-off from a GEC show – ZEE TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah. This series Ishq Aaj Kal ruled the hearts of many people with its full-time Dram, Entertainment, Romantic Thriller and much more. The popular web show Ishq Aaj Kal is gaining an ever-increasing reputation to be India’s first-of-its-kind digital drama. While we are looking for its finale, let’s look back on greatest moments from this series so far.

The alluring dance of Aaliya and Faraz:-
The chemistry between Aaliya and Faraz in this series Ishq Aaj Kal was really awesome. The dance of this duo was the best part, that no one should surely miss out. This was a real moment of the series, it with their chemistry was sizzling hot and set the screens on fire.

Munmun goes missing, Faraz doesn’t get selected to go to Mumbai:-
The closing episode of Ishq Aaj Kal shows that Munmun (Roshmi Banik) goes missing and Aaliya’s search for Munmun leads her to Barkat Ali. Meanwhile, Naaz orders Arshad to add Amaira’s name to the list of interns selected for their Mumbai branch hotel. Amaira tells Arshad that Faraz took advantage of her which leads to the latter’s suspension.

Aaliya confesses that she is love with Arshad:-
This is also one of the best moments that one should not miss to see. The time when Aaliya really feels for Arshad and she confesses and admits that she is love with Arshad. From then on, the two start the journey of their new rapport with one another.

Naaz finds that Aaliya and Amaira are not real but stepsisters:-
Naaz Khan (played by Kavita Ghai) is Arshad’s aunt and Amaira’s mother. It is later revealed that Amaira is Naaz’s illegitimate child from Imran Jaffri, Aaliya’s father. Thus, they are both step-sisters.

This is some of the moments that can be remembered from the eight episodes series, these Moments are captivating and capturing in the minds of people.