Check inside, the video, and see how Jannat is practising her cooking drills

Check Out: Jannat Zubair LOVES Cooking!

Cooking your own dishes is the best! It makes you confident and self-sufficient, regardless of your gender! And these quarantine days are the best to practise your cooking drills! Like Jannat Zubair is doing, the young actress, just 18 years old shall turn 19 this year, August; has been spotted, indulging herself in the kitchen. This is so inspiring for the youth and a great message, that there’s no shame in doing household chores!

If you’re wondering who is Jannat Zubair, well as her name suggests, she is indeed a heavenly looking darling, who has earned millions of followers on TikTok and other social media handles. She has also co-acted with Rani Mukherjee, in her film, Hichki. Her TikTok chronicles, never fail to get a million views, each day; that’s how perfect and addictive her videos are!

With the lockdown extends, if you’re yet wondering what to do; watch this video of Jannat Zubair, cooking, and get-go already!

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