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Read to know what Zubair is up to, during the lockdown

Check Out Jannat Zubair’s Quarantine Routine

As shows are deferred, games are dropped, schools are shut and vacationer problem areas are closed down, specialists prescribe that even the individuals who give no indication of sickness remain at home during this season of the worldwide pandemic.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: It’s prompted that you, self-isolate. Albeit staying inside is a decent method to shield yourself as well as other people from the coronavirus, and is a significant measure to help “straighten the bend” of everyday cases that put a focus on our human services framework, it could prompt a lesser insidiousness: weariness and mix wildness.

What’s there to do while stuck inside?

Well, we have brought you Jannat’s quarantine routine to get you to go inspired by her, and schedule yourself in the same or something you are interested in! Jannat Zubair, the lady to be, seems to secure herself from the danger and has scheduled her routine in an organised way! It is more than appreciable!

Here is a video of her self-quarantining

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