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Faisu and Jannat Zubair are social media sensations right now and we think its time for them to enter Bollywood. Who do you think deserves a debut in Bollywood?

Faisu Or Jannat Zubair – Who Deserves A Bollywood Debut?

Mr Faisu is a viral TikTok star and social media influencer who has become very popular among the young generation due to his entertaining videos on various video-sharing platforms. His ability to grab the attention of the people, be it with his looks or his dancing abilities or the quirky videos that he uploads, is second to none. His movie dialogue dubbing is extremely authentic and some of his videos have gone viral. Faisu has everything to enter Bollywood; acting, dancing, great physique and well good looks.

On the contrary, we have Jannat Zubair, a tv actress and TikTok star. Having gained immense recognition with television shows Jannat had us smitten with her music videos namely Fruity Lagdi Hai and Ishq Farzi. Jannat has immense followers who follow her on every possible platform. She is extremely beautiful and talented and she can certainly make it big in Bollywood as she is amazingly talented.

Both these social media stars deserve a Bollywood debut and we can’t decide who deserves it more. Please help us by choosing the best one.

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