Check to see Faisu’s songs, and send them to your beloved

Faisu’s Songs To Impress Your Beloved

Mr Faisu has always amazed us with his grand music videos and others. He has been entertaining the Indian audience on a daily basis with his rich content and perfection. Be it fitness, be it comedy, or travel or even fashion, Mr Faisu is always at the top. And today, we are up with some of his popular songs that you could dedicate to your beloved friends, family, or your partner.


Very emotional and soothing. You will relate to this song if you value your friends and friendship. The song is perfect to dedicate to your friends, especially during these tough times. Send this video today, to say that you care for them! Friends matter.


This one is the best to showcase how friendship and love both go hand in hand. We loved the content in here, anyway. If you think your beloved are insecure about your other relationships, send them this music video, we are sure, they will understand. Also, enjoy the song!


It’s always good to compliment your partner. It keeps your bond and relationship healthy altogether. And this funky and grooving song will be the best one to dedicate to your partner. Compliment them, and tell them how much you love them!

Good Luck!

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