With the pandemic hurling upon the world, the entertainment industry has encountered some of the biggest challenges over time. And with the younger generation, the focus shift has sprawled over the OTT platforms more than the theatres. Offering countless options of movies, web series and others, these platforms also offer them at extremely cheap prices per month! Which is probably much cheaper than what multiplex theatre tickets can cost you!

Speaking of that, today we are here with a detailed study of what the popular OTT actors have to say on this. Starting from Pankaj Tripathi, who has been the leading man of the OTT platforms to Tammanah Bhatia, who has started off her OTT career like a queen.

Pankaj Tripathi says that “Change keeps happening”, adding further he said, “It seems there is a time of change happening in cinema with the coming of OTT. There is no other option than OTT currently,”. He said, “Stories are important on OTT. Who or what is in it is not important. His or her talent and performance matter. Storytelling matters more,”.

Pankaj Tripathi also said that he is happy that new talents are getting the chance to come upfront, “I am happy about it. I can see one after another talent is coming through the advent of OTT. Especially for those who take time to get recognised through films and there is a possibility here on OTT,”.

Vikrant Massey said that the new generation has got a completely different taste than what people used to do earlier, “They don’t idol worship like probably people 20 years ago used to do,”, he added, “My nieces are eight and nine. They don’t watch Indian content. They sit and watch Korean content,”

Tammanah Bhatia said, “I just feel that the fan the following one could have amassed, say, 10 years ago will be tricky for the generation today, because, with the situation we are in owing to the pandemic, emotions around films are different,”. She further added, “The whole idea of a star itself is changing very rapidly, and people are watching content and liking content for the content, and not just for an individual actor or individual talent,”. Concluding it, she said, “The way cinema is viewed is going to be different,”