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Jannat Zubair and her recent fame often overshadow her adorableness when she was young. Well, it's throwback time. Let's take a look at her old photos from when she was younger.

Here’s how Jannat Zubair used to look during her school days

Jannat Zubair was born on the 29th of August 2001. She was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her schooling happened at the local Oxford Public School, Mumbai and she was an ace student.

But, not only was she an ace student, but also an amazing actress even for her age. She was making a ruckus in the scene with her great intelligent performing skills and her popular portfolio. However, she is now making a big scene because of how mature and gorgeous she looks. She wasn’t the same always of course. When she was younger there was a lot of untapped potential that is now slowly coming to light. And, her skill as an actress and a model has astonished people who remember her as the adorable little girl from all those shows years ago.

While she may have outgrown that phase from when she was a young girl. We certainly haven’t. And, you know there’s nothing wrong with relishing the past. So, here are some photos of when she was younger.

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