Jannat Zubair one of the TV industry's most popular actresses and a social media sensation has revealed who her favorite actress in Bollywood is.

Jannat Zubair Is A BIG Fan Of This Actress

Jannat Zubair is one of the most loved stars on TikTok. The star is known for posting videos of herself dancing or impersonating other celebs and their dialogues. She has also been part of serials like Phulwa and Maharana Pratap. Jannat is popularly known for her superb cute videos on TikTok which really creates entertainment and fun for all the viewers. She is beautiful, talented, and makes her audience fall in love with her through her videos on TikTok.

But, very recently this connoisseur of talent told us in an interview who her favorite actress is. And, it will certainly surprise you. She has been linked and compared to a lot of great actresses all of a certain pedigree, but, this actress is someone that we all think of when we first see, Jannat.

Her favorite actress of all-time is ‘Kareena Kapoor’. That’s right. Kareena Kapoor the trendsetting talented actress has grabbed a hold of Jannat’s heart and mind. And, it’s not surprising as we have seen traits of Kareena’s potential in her.

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