Jannat Zubair is not the only TV star to crown from the world of TikTok. There are plenty more. Things are looking up for these folks.

Jannat Zubair, Faiz Baloch, Awez Darbar & Nagma Mirajkar: Tiktok Stars Who Made TV Debut

Jannat Zubair, the 19-year-old social media influencer, has been absolutely amazing since her rise in the internet realm. She has managed to shock the world into awe with her talents and looks. Her graceful and classy personality is something that has become a key identifying factor for her as a person and as a celebrity. But, now she can proudly call herself more than a TikTok star. She is a TV personality. One of the best at that. She has made a lot of appearances on plenty of television shows as a child actress but now she has the right to call herself the real actress as she has claimed her seat at the highest of heights coming from a hard background.

But, she is not the only one. With the likes of, Faiz Baloch, Awez Darbar & Nagma Mirajkar. All making their name in the TV circuit by rising through the ranks of TikTok. They’ve all made their name by working hard and connecting with their audiences to an extent where people from the big networks took notice of them. It’s a great moment for them as well as for the people who are on, social media to be appreciated like this. So, kudos to them for reaching such great heights in their careers and we here at IWMBuzz wish them all the best.

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