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Jannat has been well known for using different types of clothing varieties to make a statement. Well, she is back at it. Let’s take a look at some of her latest conquests in the modelling world.

Jannat Zubair made a major winter fashion statement

Jannat’s looks are a common topic of conversation and they’re the talk of the town yet again. Her flair and suaveness is envied by all. And so is her eye for the right fashion and the correct sense of style. She has been a monumental figure in the Indian teen fashion scene. Jannat is a child actress and has been in the television acting circuit for more than 5 to 6 years. She has such a deep and powerful portfolio in acting that it has actually inspired many Indian youngsters to try out acting and modelling as a profession.

Her appealing dressing sense and her beautiful eyes have been captured with such panache that it leaves the viewers in awe. The way she carries herself and the way she actually becomes a different person in front of the camera, contrary to her sweet and adorable persona in real life, is endearing and an experience to watch.

Recently, she made incorporated winter wear into her wardrobe, something we haven’t quite seen her adorn herself in, in the past. Her winter wear is absolutely incredible as is she. She look beautiful in almost any kind of a fashionable clothing apparel, and she has proven her versatility time and again. This being one of those times.

So, here’s to Jannat and her immense success as a model at such a young age.

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