Mirzapur 2 is all set for its streaming and there is a huge level of curiosity and excitement for the loyal fans of this series.

The Season 1 of the amazing series which streamed on Amazon Prime was a super success. The series which was backed with a splendid story, gripping twists and drama plot was entertaining to the core.

The same and more can be expected of Season 2 for sure!!

However, the character of Bablu played by Vikrant Massey is being missed already. Well, he will not be part of Mirzapur 2, unless the narrative springs up with a surprise which is so far unknown!!

So why is he missing?

To take you back to the climax of Season 1, Bablu was brutally killed in the amazing climax which left the viewers in deep shock.

Will viewers get a good dose of Bablu in flashback? Only time will tell.