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This series on ZEE5. It is a mixture of a bit of horror and some comedy in it. The people who love to watch humor and horror in one this is best for them. It is about the misadventures of a boy and his ghost friend.

Need a dose of laughter with some horror mixed in? Watch ‘Bhoot Purva’

Bhoot Purva is The series that revolves around Aarav, a friendly ghost who comes back to win over his lady love Angelina, with the help of his human friend Purva. Bhoot Purva is a ten-part web series directed by Zeishan Quadri.

The zee5 series Boot Purva string of twists and turns that are perfectly punctuated with humor. Bhoot Purva is a distinctive story of two friends who are completely from a different world but they both help each other to solve their problems.

Bhoot Purva has a tightly written script and depends heavily on the old school charm. Omkar Kapoor plays his role well in this campy, frothy comedy that has good use of fantasy elements, Rishabh Chadha as the namby-pamby Ghost who doesn’t know what to do next is good too. The screenplay and the script have enough gags to make this a one time, comfortable viewing for the entire family.

The concept of the series Bhoot Purva is hilarious. Bhoot Purva series is a kind of attempt made by the writer to spread laughter and happiness.

This story is all about Aarav an orphaned collegian. He is in love with his classmate Angelina. He gets a fake bottle of poison with him to chase or woo her if she says his proposal. As there is a twist in the tale caused by the blunder of Yamraj, he dies after drinking the ‘fake’ poison. Aarav turns to be bhoot later and the series is all about it further. There are some parts in the show that make you crack up, the chemistry between Purva and Bhoot is quite endearing

The actor had made the best to laugh the viewers with a thrill of horror in it. People fascinated for both should have a watch.

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