Bhuvan comes to the top when it comes to Indian YouTubers. Bhuvan has a spectacular sense of humour, he has earned millions of years within 5 years. He gets millions of views every day, he has established himself not only as a YouTuber but an actor and singer as well. Bhuvan began his journey as a Mughlai restaurant singer and today he is India’s first YouTube superstar, who gained 12 million followers on Youtube.

Currently, the entire world is fighting the battle against Coronavirus. The star is also home quarantined. Bhuvan is enjoying family time. However, today, he posted a picture with his female dog and mentioned about she being fed up with Bhuvan.

The picture is adorable but the caption along is funny! Take a look…

View Instagram Post 1: Read to know who is fed up with Bhuvan Bam