Directed by Amrit Raj Gupta and written by Nikhil Vijay, Gullak is centred on a bickering family in a small town in North India. It is a story narrated by a Gullak(piggy bank).

Reasons, why SonyLiv’s Gullak is a, must watch

While this framework has lent itself to several film and web dramas, it’s not guns or gangs in Gullak but gentle humour that is on offer. Gullak is not a story but a series of anecdotes. It stars Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Sunita Rajwar Harsh Mayar and Vaibhav Raj Gupta

This could be any middle-class Indian family anywhere, the show suggests, and it proves the point by finding its humour and narrative thrust in the everyday. It portrays the constant little arguments between the family members. The moments of harmony too come from the small things – buying ice cream as a treat after dinner, or a prize of Rs 40 given by father to the sons in a moment of generosity. It proves to the saying that ‘Happiness is in Little Things’.

More than anything, Gullak is an ode to the average Indian mother – someone who uses anger as a strategic tool and words as her weapon but does most of the heavy lifting in keeping the family unit together.
Gullak touches upon weighty issues, including financial difficulties and the fear of unemployment, but glides over them, as if to argue that pain and pleasure are a part of existence and add to the wealth of experience in the piggy bank of life. In short, it is an average comedy, with a lot of not so average important lessons for a family to learn.

It is basically the story of an average middle-class Indian which makes it so relatable to the Indian audience. It is funny which is like a cherry on the cake. The actors have done a fabulous job and have done total justice to the role. We would recommend Gullak to every Indian audience.

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