Rohan Joshi and his cat fish moment...

Rohan Joshi’s ‘dating’ woes

Rohan Joshi of AIB fame is a well known name in the world of web entertainment. The comedian will be seen in the finale episode of ‘VH1 Inside Access’ along with Farah Khan and Kangana Ranaut. During the filming of the show, Rohan was asked ‘when was the first time he felt famous?’

Talking about the same, Rohan shared a hilarious incident, “The last time I truly felt like I have arrived and I am a little famous is when I was on an online dating app. I was having a conversation with a couple of people and when I tried to log back into this dating app, I couldn’t, because somebody blocked my profile thinking it was a cat fish account pretending to be me. I don’t know how else I should say this – Please Google me! I am real, I promise, please get me back! There are at least three women out there who think I have ghosted them right now.”

Well, Rohan did get back on the app eventually, he added saying, “They did get me back and they gave me free credits.”

Nice story…Rohan.

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