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Check to see recent Jannat-Faisu video upload

This Video of Jannat Zubair-Faisu would make you go Awww!

Fainaat fans have been obsessed with Jannat and Faisu for a very long time, and are always eager to know about their whereabouts. Though their relationship has been brushed out as rumours, but we still can’t help but go obsessed whenever one of them post a video that showcases their bond and chemistry.

As of now, we are awestruck by Jannat’s recent Instagram upload, where she happens to share the screen with Faisu. The video is absolutely overawing to watch, the video is so heart-touching and heart-melting. Their chemistry and bond are just something to bite the dust for!

The duo has appeared in several other music videos as well. Both are adored by the youth of the country and are famously tagged as Fainaat. Their music chronicles have been appreciated by many of the music lovers in the nation. The videos are still counting millions of views every day. Besides, both the artists are quite famous in their own genres, extremely talented actors and TikTok sensations. We wish them, All the best!

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