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Let us re-imagine what Sacred Games would have looked like had it been a television serial

Imagine if Sacred Games were an Ekta Kapoor Serial

If you are one of the many who has caught on to the digital wave in India and hooked to the flood of Indian web series that have been released in the past two years, you definitely must know about ‘Sacred Games’. And if you haven’t, get with it already!

Netflix Original, the web series Sacred Games, directed by Vikram Motwane and Anurag Kashyap presented fresh desi content on the big platform last year. The web series is a thriller based on a book of the same name garnered a lot of positive attention for its gritty plotline and stellar performances.

Imagine if Sacred Games were an Ekta Kapoor Serial 3

The star-cast includes Bollywood biggies like Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Eknath Gaitonde, a Mumbai gangster, Saif Ali Khan as Inspector Sartaj Singh who is assisted by a RAW agent Anjali Mathur played by Radhika Apte.

The web series is dark, gruesome with a lot of twists, turns and drama, a whole lot of drama.

Talking about too much drama, know what else come to minds? That’s right, our Indian Television Shows and the TV queen Ekta Kapoor. It’s not an Ekta Kapoor serial if it doesn’t have melodrama, thrilling music and someone being resurrected from death.

Now imagine Sacred Games ala desi style! Yes, do you ever wonder if instead being directed by Motwane and Kashyap, Ekta Kapoor had been the one to do it?

First of all, Sacred Games would have probably been named with something that started with a letter ‘K’, like ‘Kahani Sacred Games Ki’.

Overly dramatized scenes, like rapid zoom ins-and-outs shots from 10 different angles with changing hues and characters frozen in shock.

Imagine if Sacred Games were an Ekta Kapoor Serial 1

‘Dhooom tananananana’ the dramatic background music for every shocking revelation that happens or during a chase sequence.

Imagine if Sacred Games were an Ekta Kapoor Serial 2

Sanskaari characters, nevermind that it’s a crime thriller showing the nasty and sadist life of the underworld

Instead of completing the story within a season, the episodes would have been dragged into decades. Wut plotline?

Now if you want to see these imagines come to life, a twitter user Charansh, on his page The Indian Idiot posted a edited version of how Sacred Games would have been if it were an Indian daily soap opera. And it is quite hilarious!

Even the web series directors were highly amused and appreciated the efforts!

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