The mystery intensifies in Viu’s Social…

Viu's Social update: A glimmer of hope for Prithvi

Viu’s first ever bilingual digital series – Social, featuring digital superstar Naveen Kasturia and the gorgeous Priya Banerjee have till now explored the various ways social media can prove to be a boon and a bane in our life. While sometimes the entire country comes together to raise its voices against the wrong-doings of many, there are times, when people hide behind the virtual walls of social media and spread menace in our society.

The thriller series started with Prithvi, a concerned brother, turn into a black hat hacker by the night to locate the whereabouts of his teenage sister, Veda. The last episode took the viewers on a roller coaster ride when the cops with the help of Prithvi and the gang manage to capture Jithu. But under the pressure of political bureaucracy, the commissioner had to let Jithu go, while he was also transferred to another department for his doings. After many twists and turns, Prithvi and gang come across the information that Veda may have not survived the brutal attack by KK in the hotel room and Prithvi breaks down.

Building up the suspense, the latest episode shows that Prithvi is overjoyed to receive a text from an unknown number with an emoji that is a code between him and Veda. He is convinced that Veda is still out there and is determined to find her. Furthermore, Sonakshi is seen hiding something from Sunny. Upon getting caught she gets into trouble for trying to help save the girls. Meanwhile, on the other side, GK kick-starts a political turmoil as he overcomes his dilemma and takes the hard decision of giving up the security video of his son abusing the young Veda.

As the news spread, the community of Ctrl F Veda page holds a candle light vigil in Veda’s (Preity Asrani) memory. However, the episode closes with Prithvi and the gang reaching the right place at the wrong time and putting their lives in danger.

Will the gang make it out alive this time?

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