Sunil Grover is my favourite comedian: Abhilash Thapliyal

Exclusive interview with Abhilash Thapliya

Sunil Grover is my favourite comedian: Abhilash Thapliyal

Actor Abhilash Thapliyal, who is currently seen in Entertainment Ki Raat season 2 as Cutiepie Sharma, is being loved by all for his Bihari boy character.  He debuted in Bollywood with the movie Dil Junglee and has also worked in radio and digital space.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz, we get to know more about Abhilash, excerpts:

Let’s talk about Cutiepie Sharma first…

Raghu was there in season 1 and when I came in I suggested the idea of having a Bihari boy to add a different flavor. The team agreed and we were set. Cutiepie Sharma is cute, talks sweet and he never wants to hurt anyone. To play a harsh character or do insulting comedy is easy, that’s why I want to be known for enacting a loveable and cute character and be loved for it.

Why did you opt for the Bihari flavor?  

See, Balraj is from Punjab and he has a strong Punjabi accent. Saumya Tandon  too brings in her subtle mannerism. Hence, we thought to target the Bihari accent as Biharis are relatable to everyone and they are everywhere in India. My traits are not boisterous but soft and sweet. Cutiepie Sharma wears a kurta and has a simple personality.

Do you think comedy is easy when compared to other genres?

It is absolutely not easy. There are many who have tried and comedy and have gotten rejected by audiences. Every platform has its own style. Radio and digital have its own set of consumers and they are different. If we try to do radio humour on TV, it will not get liked. So to make TV audience laugh is not easy but when you play a character genuinely and from the heart, then it’s not much of a difficulty.

You have worked in different spaces like in radio, digital and also in movies… so how different is it to work on television?

My experience has been good. I always like to experiment and this is the time when I have age on my side to explore more.

Who is your favorite comedian?

As a comedian I like Sunil Grover, he is the best. Whichever character he creates becomes iconic.  I love all his parts be it Gutthi , Dr. Mashoor Gulati and he even played Bihari lady which was loveable. It’s good to see Sunil and you would aspire to do good work like him.

So we wish him good luck and may he continue to tickle the funny bone.

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