Take a look at the nominees for fan fav streamer of the year female: Payal 'Payal Gaming' Dhare, Aaradhya 'VibeWithAaradhya' Sawant, Harshita 'Harshi' Shukla, Mahek 'Mizo' Syed, Shakshi 'Sharkshe' Shetty, Deepanshi 'Dobby' Rawat, Krutika 'Krutika Plays' Ojha, Kaashvi 'Kaash Plays' Hiranandani, Kanika 'Kani Gaming' Bisht, Bright Fox, Saloni 'Mili Kya Mili' Kandalgaonkar, Sonali 'Play Like Incognito' Singh

Vote Now: Fan Fav Streamer Of The Year Female? Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare, Aaradhya ‘VibeWithAaradhya’ Sawant, Harshita ‘Harshi’ Shukla, Mahek ‘Mizo’ Syed, Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty, Deepanshi ‘Dobby’ Rawat, Krutika ‘Krutika Plays’ Ojha, Kaashvi ‘Kaash Plays’ Hiranandani, Kanika ‘Kani Gaming’ Bisht, Bright Fox, Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar, Sonali ‘Play Like Incognito’ Singh

IWMBuzz is back with ‘India Gaming Awards Season 2’ to honour the growing ecosystem of the gaming community. So today, we list the nominees for fan fav streamer of the year female. Check below!

Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare:Vote Now

Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare has become incredibly popular in the gaming community over the last few years. As per reports on sportslumo.com, Payal BGMI is the wealthiest female streamer in India. She’s now an integral part of the S8UL community, and her journey towards stardom started getting better in 2021. Even on social media, she’s earned a massive audience in the year 2022; right now, she’s got around 1.8M followers on Instagram. So, like in 2022, here’s hoping she does well to continue getting her share of success in 2023.

Aaradhya ‘VibeWithAaradhya’ Sawant: Vote Now

Aaradhya ‘VibeWithAaradhya’ Sawant is a popular content creator and gamer. Sawant believes in the ideology that “a journey without challenges and constant triggers is no fun.”

Harshita ‘Harshi’ Shukla:Vote Now

Harshita “Harshi” Shukla is one of the brightest prodigies in the BGMI and Indian gaming community. The 21-year-old began her career as an actress, but quickly realized her passion for gaming and streaming. She came into the limelight when she enlisted for the first-ever gaming reality show, Playground. She was a great performer for the team Dare Dragons (captained by CarryMinati) on the show and stood true to her high price tag from the auction.

Mahek ‘Mizo’ Syed: Vote Now

Mahek “Mizo” Syed, is a dedicated PC streamer. She started from PS4, switched to PC and lately she has been experimenting with mobile gaming after joining @godlikeesports. She also streams VR games from my Oculus 2 headset. She is an avid gamer who has played over 500+ games across all gaming platforms.

Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty: Vote Now

Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty is a well-known creator in the Indian Gaming Community. On her live stream, she plays with many famous creators like ScoutOP, Rakazone, Mili, and many more Famous Streamers.

Deepanshi ‘Dobby’ Rawat:Vote Now

Deepanshi Rawat is a well-known Indian gamer, YouTuber, content creator, and streamer. She is well known as “Dobby Gaming. Although she was into academics, she has found her love for the game and has successfully asserted herself as a regular streamer.

Krutika ‘Krutika Plays’ Ojha: Vote Now

Krutika Ojha also known as Krutika Plays, is a famous and one of the few Girl Gamers on YouTube, who is famous for doing Gaming Live Streams on her YouTube channel. She came into the limelight after doing live streams of the very famous game called PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Several people joined her live streams while she played PUBG Mobile. But after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, she has played several different games.

Kaashvi ‘Kaash Plays’ Hiranandani: Vote Now

She is one of the most popular and admired gaming content creators and streamers in the country. She’s best known for streaming BGMI and other games on her channel ‘Kaash Plays’. She started her career by uploading videos on her YouTube and her first video was titled ‘New Girl Gamer Intro’ which received a lot of love and appreciation.

Kanika ‘Kani Gaming’ Bisht: Vote Now

She’s one of the few female gamers who has gained popularity with her presence. She’s famous for her live stream gaming on YouTube, and fans love it whenever she plays games like BGMI or PUBG. A lot of people also affectionately call her ‘Hydra Kani’. The year 2022 saw her attain success in truckloads. She has more than 450k subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 250k followers on her Instagram account. Given how she’s going ahead, she’s set to have much more success in 2023.

Bright Fox:Vote Now

Bright Fox, with more than 28K followers and 734K views on Loco, is a well-known Free Fire streamer who has been successful in garnering plenty of views and has seen significant growth on the platform. Hailing from the Keralite community, Bright Fox has clicked with Malayalam speakers and, over time, has found a niche audience that enjoys her content.

Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar: Vote Now

She is one of the most talented and active eSports players and streamers in the country. She loves to Livestream her content and work on her channel. She’s best known for playing BGMI and she does long streams and also is well-known for uploading highlight videos. She’s also played in PUBG Mobile tournaments in the past. These reasons are ample to have her on our list of nominees for this special category.

Sonali ‘Play Like Incognito’ Singh: Vote Now

Sonali Singh, known by her gaming moniker Incognito, is a multi-talented individual who not only excels in content creation but also thrives as a software engineer during her day job. Balancing her professional career and content creation, she has been consistently captivating audiences with a diverse range of content since 2019.