Take a look at the nominees for fan-favourite streamer of the year (male): Muhammed 'Kaztro Gaming' Ramees, Dilin 'Eagle Gaming' Dinesan, Athul 'Blind Rebel' Sherif, ‘Ujjwal 'Techno Gamerz' Chaurasia’, Nischay 'Triggered Insaan' Malhan, Pratik 'Alpha Clasher' Jogiya, Jonathan 'Jonathan Gaming' Amaral, Raj 'Snax' Varma, Gulrez 'Joker Ki Haveli' Khan, Yash 'Lolzzz' Thacker, Nitin 'Classified YT' Chougale, Siddhant 'Shreeman Legend' Praveen Joshi, Sid 'Sid' Joshi, Rishab 'Antaryami' Verma

Vote Now: Fan Fav Streamer Of The Year Male? Muhammed ‘Kaztro Gaming’ Ramees, Dilin ‘Eagle Gaming’ Dinesan, Athul ‘Blind Rebel’ Sherif, ‘Ujjwal ‘Techno Gamerz’ Chaurasia’, Nischay ‘Triggered Insaan’ Malhan, Pratik ‘Alpha Clasher’ Jogiya, Jonathan ‘Jonathan Gaming’ Amaral, Raj ‘Snax’ Varma, Gulrez ‘Joker Ki Haveli’ Khan, Yash ‘Lolzzz’ Thacker, Nitin ‘Classified YT’ Chougale, Siddhant ‘Shreeman Legend’ Praveen Joshi, Sid ‘Sid’ Joshi, Rishab ‘Antaryami’ Verma

IWMBuzz is back with ‘India Gaming Awards Season 2’ to honour the growing ecosystem of the gaming community. So today, we list the nominees for fan-favourite streamer of the year (male). Check below!

Muhammed ‘Kaztro Gaming’ Ramees:Vote Now

Muhammed Ramees aka Kaztro Gaming rose to fame thanks to his unique editing, his engaging content, and his lively streams on Loco. He is one of the forerunners in the GTA V RolePlay section on the platform currently. He actively streams the Turf Wars game mode along with the rest of his KVA clan.

Dilin ‘Eagle Gaming’ Dinesan:Vote Now

A leading YouTube gamer and streamer who has earned a huge fan following all across the nation. The streamer hails from Kerala and is affiliated with Blind Esports. Eagle Gaming is known for his enthralling GTA V RP streams and currently boasts a staggering 200K followers on Loco.

Athul ‘Blind Rebel’ Sherif:Vote Now

Athul Sherif also hails from the state of Kerala. As a GTA V streamer, Blind Rebel has received 45.51 Million Loco Gold, thanks to his viewers. Blind Rebel also plays GTA V with Eagle Gaming occasionally and is known in the community for his informative content.

Ujjwal ‘Techno Gamerz’ Chaurasia:Vote Now

Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of India’s driving gaming creators, who started his process in gaming during the 2010s and immediately amassed a colossal following with his content. He was among the original gamers who started exploring different titles as opposed to simply dominating one, and he was additionally among the Indian gaming pioneers who inspired all gaming enthusiasts to make their careers in gaming.

Nischay ‘Triggered Insaan’ Malhan:Vote Now

Joined YouTube a few years ago, Nischay Malhan popularly known as Triggered Insaan has been one of the most loved PUBG live streamers. He is a New-Delhi-based Indian YouTuber, who has now earned a foothold as a national personality making Indians proud with his content.

Pratik ‘Alpha Clasher’ Jogiya: Vote Now

Pratik Jogiya, popularly known as Alpha Clasher, is a full-time game streamer who is passionate about contributing to the Indian gaming community.

Jonathan ‘Jonathan Gaming’ Amaral: Vote Now

Jonathan Amaral, who plays BGMI, is one of India’s biggest esports athletes. He started his professional Esports Career competing in Pubg Mobile Championships (Now BGMI), Since the start of his career, he has been consistent with his gameplay and has always been working hard to achieve his goals via winning Domestic/Global Championships.

Raj ‘Snax’ Varma:Vote Now

Raj Varma is popularly known as Snax Gaming, a popular gamer, YouTuber, and eSports player. He is a renowned and talented name in the gaming industry. He played in team XO. Slowly and steadily, he gained popularity through his exceptional skill for D-28.

Gulrez ‘Joker Ki Haveli’ Khan: Vote Now

Gulrez Khan, popularly known as Joker ki Haveli, is a YouTuber, gamer, and content creator of S8UL. Joker ki Haveli started his YouTube channel in 2017 and quickly gained popularity for his gaming videos. He is known for playing a variety of games, including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Valorant. He is also known for his skills and ability to entertain his viewers.

Yash ‘Lolzzz’ Thacker: Vote Now

Streamer and content creator Yash “LoLzZz” Thacker is a household name in the BGMI community and has played a significant role in the rise of the battle royale title. Every season, his rank-pushing live streams on YouTube are watched by thousands of viewers who try and learn gameplay from the pro player.

Nitin ‘Classified YT’ Chougale: Vote Now

Nitin Chougale, a resident of Navi Mumbai, was always passionate about gaming. The pressures of his job as a merchant navy captain led him to take up gaming as a profession instead. Today, his YouTube channel, Classified YT, which he started in 2015 with gaming videos and gameplays in a range of e-sports, including Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG, has about 2.5 million subscribers.

Siddhant ‘Shreeman Legend’ Praveen Joshi:Vote Now

Siddhant Pravin Joshi, popularly known as Shreeman Legend, is the most popular content creator, gamer, and live streamer. Shreeman Legend’s love for gaming shines through in his content, captivating a large audience of gaming enthusiasts. With his main channel, Shreeman Legend Live, boasting an impressive 1.94 million subscribers, and his secondary channel, ShreeMan LegenD, amassing 486K subscribers, his influence and reach continue to expand.

Sid ‘Sid’ Joshi:Vote Now

Siddharth Joshi began his vocation as an eSports player. He played for Oblique Gaming (as group chief), and Neckbreak Gaming. He later proceeded to manage Neckbreak gaming too. His best stretch as an eSports administrator accompanied Entity Gaming. He won numerous prizes both with PC gaming groups, PUBG portable, and versatile gaming groups and managed them too.

Rishab ‘Antaryami’ Verma:Vote Now

Antaryami Gaming aka Rishab Verma is one of the few male E-sports gamers and also a YouTuber from India. He streams on his channel and plays PUBG and many other Games, her channel has more than 4M+ Subscribers and Increases day by day. Antaryami Gaming started streaming on her YouTube channel in March 2018. In an amount of time, she has gained a massive fan following because of his gaming.