Take a look at the nominees for ‘Stylish Gamer Of The Year Male’: Ocean Sharma, Gulrez 'Joker Ki Haveli' Khan, Raj 'Snax' Varma, Nishant 'Willy Gaming' Williams, Animesh '8bit Thug' Agarwal, Sid 'Sid' Joshi, Prince Gaming

Vote Now: Stylish Gamer Of The Year Male? Ocean Sharma, Gulrez ‘Joker Ki Haveli’ Khan, Raj ‘Snax’ Varma, Nishant ‘Willy Gaming’ Williams, Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal, Sid ‘Sid’ Joshi, Prince Gaming

IWMBuzz is back with ‘India Gaming Awards Season 2’ to honour the growing ecosystem of the gaming community. So today, we list the nominees for stylish gamer of the year male. Check below!

Ocean Sharma:Vote Now

Ocean Sharma is a notable figure in the Indian gaming community, celebrated for his expertise in providing commentary for popular esports titles such as PUBG Mobile and VALORANT. His insightful analysis and profound knowledge of these games have garnered him widespread recognition and a dedicated fan base.

Gulrez ‘Joker Ki Haveli’ Khan:Vote Now

Gulrez Khan, who adopts the alias ‘Joker Ki Haveli,’ is a content creator affiliated with the prestigious S8UL Organization in India. Emerging from a middle-class background, Gulrez harbours ambitious aspirations of achieving great success in the realms of gaming and content creation. His association with S8UL has firmly established his presence in the gaming community.

Raj ‘Snax’ Varma:Vote Now

Raj “Snax” Varma, an Indian esports player and talent, was most recently associated with Team XO and is also aligned with 8Bit Creatives, a renowned talent management agency. His journey in the world of gaming and his valuable contributions have earned him recognition as a prominent name in the Indian esports sphere.

Nishant ‘Willy Gaming’ Williams:Vote Now

Nishant Williams, better known as Willy Gaming, began his career as a professional cricketer and has since transitioned into content creation, initially focusing on games like PUBG Mobile. In just a few short months, his venture into content creation has gained significant momentum, showcasing his versatility and deep passion for gaming.

Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal:Vote Now

Animesh Agarwal, famous as 8bit Thug, is a prominent personality in the gaming community. Beyond excelling as a gamer and YouTuber, he is the visionary founder of the highly successful esports team, 8bit. His unwavering commitment to gaming and content creation has firmly established him as a prominent influencer within the Indian gaming landscape.

Sid ‘Sid’ Joshi:Vote Now

Sid Joshi embarked on his gaming journey in 2020, initially serving as a team manager for the TSM entity. Subsequently, he assumed the role of a content creator and eSports adviser for S8ul, playing a pivotal role in the resurgence of Team SouL. Sid’s involvement and steadfast support have made a significant impact on the Indian esports scene.

Prince Gaming:Vote Now

Prince Gaming, also known as Happy Prince Gaming, enjoys widespread acclaim as one of the most prominent content creators in India’s Free Fire community. His content covers a diverse range of topics within the game, including events, challenges, and captivating gameplay, all of which have garnered a devoted and engaged audience.