Take a look at the nominees for ‘Stylish Gamer Of The Year Female’: Saloni 'Mili Kya Mili' Kandalgaonkar, Payal 'Payal Gaming' Dhare, "Kaashvi 'Kaash Plays' Hiranandani," Mahek 'Mizo Plays' Syed, Ankkita 'Ankkita C' Chauhan, Shagufta 'Xyaa' Iqbal, Shakshi 'Sharkshe' Shetty

Vote Now: Stylish Gamer Of The Year Female? Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar, Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare, “Kaashvi ‘Kaash Plays’ Hiranandani,” Mahek ‘Mizo Plays’ Syed, Ankkita ‘Ankkita C’ Chauhan, Shagufta ‘Xyaa’ Iqbal, Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty

IWMBuzz is back with ‘India Gaming Awards Season 2’ to honour the growing ecosystem of the gaming community. So today, we list the nominees for stylish gamer of the year female. Check below!

Saloni ‘Mili Kya Mili’ Kandalgaonkar:Vote Now

Saloni Kandalgaonkar, or ‘Mili Kya Mili,’ is a renowned Indian YouTuber and gamer. She gained initial recognition through BGMI live streams and has become a sensation in the GTA role-play community, particularly within the VLT RP Server. Mili boasts over 224K YouTube subscribers and 114K Instagram followers, captivating her audience with immersive GTA 5 role-play experiences.

Payal ‘Payal Gaming’ Dhare:Vote Now

Payal Dhare, widely known as ‘Payal Gaming,’ is a gaming luminary with a staggering 1.75 million YouTube subscribers. Her versatile gaming content includes BGMI, PUBG Mobile, GTA, and more. Payal’s exceptional gaming skills and engaging personality have endeared her to gamers and esports enthusiasts alike.

Kaashvi ‘Kaash Plays’ Hiranandani:Vote Now

Kaashvi Hiranandani, the face behind ‘Kaash Plays,’ has won hearts with her BGMI streams and gameplay videos. Her channel, “Kaash Plays,” is a hub for gamers seeking top-notch entertainment. Kaashvi’s charisma and gaming prowess continue to draw a dedicated following.

Mahek ‘Mizo Plays’ Syed:Vote Now

Mahek “Mizo” Syed is a dedicated PC streamer who has made a name for herself in the gaming community. With an impressive online presence, including 81,200 YouTube subscribers, 74,100 Instagram followers, and 15,000 Twitter followers, Mizo effectively engages with a diverse audience, enhancing the influence of GodLike Esports in the gaming realm.

Ankkita ‘Ankkita C’ Chauhan:Vote Now

Ankkita Chauhan, aka ‘Ankkita C,’ is an emerging star in the Indian gaming community. She began streaming games in July 2018 and quickly established herself as a respected female gamer. Ankkita’s passion and dedication have earned her a well-deserved place among Indian gaming enthusiasts.

Shagufta ‘Xyaa’ Iqbal:Vote Now

Shagufta Iqbal, known as ‘Xyaa,’ is a prominent Indian gaming YouTuber and live streamer. As one of the few prominent female gaming creators in India, Xyaa regularly entertains her audience with live streams and intense gameplay videos of various games, including UNO, Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA V, God Of War, and more.

Shakshi ‘Sharkshe’ Shetty:Vote Now

Shakshi Shetty also referred to as ‘Sharkshe,’ is a seasoned gamer and content creator on both YouTube and Instagram. With five years of content creation experience, she focuses on lifestyle content and live streams of popular games like Valorant, GTA 5, Among Us, and more. Sharkshe has established herself as a prominent figure in the gaming community, delivering engaging content to her dedicated followers.