Learn the braided hairstyle fashion from Deepika Padukone and Kajol

Deepika Padukone To Kajol: 5 Ways To Try Braided Hairstyles From Office To Party

When it comes to easy and effortless hairstyling for women, the braided hairstyle is right there at the top. In fact, braids are considered to be the easiest way to forget about hairstyling for months to give your hair some rest and protect it from the harsh and rough environmental conditions outside. Not just that, this is that one type of hairstyle which makes room for creativity as there are many interesting braiding techniques to make your hair stand out. Add to that, a bit of experimental touch with a bit of highlights, curly or natural texture, clips & patterns can only enhance the appearance. As far as love for braids from our very own B-town is concerned, two actreses who literally seem to be the best at it are Deepika Padukone and Kajol.

Kajol and Deepika are two naturally gorgeous and charming women who actually need very little makeup or styling to look good and hence for people like them, the braids serve the purpose better than anything else. A lot of their fans feel inspired when they see them rocking something as simple and easygoing like the braid hairstyle and no wonder, they too get the same.

Both Deepika and Kajol look absolutely gorgeous and scintillating with their braids but readers, if we had to ask you all to pick one among them as the one carrying the ‘braid hairstyle’ the best, whom will you pick and why?

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