Learn the Navwari saree fashion like Pooja Hegde and Vidya Balan

How To Rock Navwari Saree At A Wedding Just Like Pooja Hedge And Vidya Balan

The Navwari saree aka the Kaashtha saree is one of the most popular forms of saree draping and it is particularly seen in women in the state of Maharashtra. The word ‘Kaashtha’ means saree being tucked at the back and because it is worn using a single nine-yard cloth, it is also called the Navwari saree. From traditional Marathi dance numbers to Bollywood movies, we have seen the Navwari style of draping on multiple occasions and as far as our observation is concerned, very few do it better than Pooja Hegde and Vidya Balan

Pooja Hedge and Vidya Balan are two of the most beautiful and talented ladies of B-Town at the moment and their versatility speaks for itself. Not just are they extremely talented, but their love for different types of saree is known to the world as on most of the festivals and religious ceremonies, they are seen donning some gorgeous saree designs. The Navwari saree looks amazing in both of them as we can already see but readers, if we ask you to pick one among them as the actress who looks the best in the Navwari saree draping style, whom would you pick and why?

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