IWMBuzz reveals to you the real reason behind Sara Ali Khan's beauty

What’s the secret to Sara Ali Khan’s beauty?

The Indian Film industry has seen several inspiring cases of physical transformation but has any of them been better than that of Sara Ali Khan? From a geeky well-endowed girl to transforming herself to this exceptionally aesthetic and stunning beauty which she is today, the hard work associated with the weight-loss journey has been fantastic.

Today, although Sara is just 2 years old in the film industry with just 3 films attached to her filmography, she’s one of the most followed and loved influencing personalities of the country and her nature off-screen has got a lot to do with that. Sara’s beauty is captivating and men can’t stop going gaga over her exceptionally resplendent looks. But ever wondered guys as to what’s the secret behind that natural beauty?

Well, we reveal it to you all here.

Sara believes in the term ‘eat well and eat right.’ She says that it’s important to check on the portions one is consuming and one should eat as healthy as possible to avoid unnecessary acne and breakouts.

She also adds that a minimum duration of 8 hours sleep is essential to wake up with a fresh look. Another pro tip to look like Sara Ali Khan would be to avoid residual makeup as that leaves the skin prone to breakouts.

So, guys, the mantra is simple. Eat right, workout well and take care of your inner self and the same will reflect on your body and skin too.

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