Suffering from hand pain while working from home? Try these 3 Hand Exercises

3 Hand Exercises To Avoid Hand Pain While Working From Home

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a long-term lockdown for months. While we are locked down at home, even at these times many of the people are working from home. Be it engineers or teachers or any other profession everyone is having loads of work.

Even students are made to attend online classes through various apps like Zoom, Google Meet and many more. Many people are complaining about the continuous work that is leading to hand pain. As we can’t go out to take any therapy, here are some hand exercises for you, that will relieve your pain:-

  1. Stretch Fingers-

Keep your fingers on a flat surface. Gently stretch your fingers as much as you can without forcing your joints. Hold for at least 1 minute. Repeat the steps for 5 times with each hand.

  1. Claw Stretch-

Hold your hand in such a way that the palm should be facing you. Bend your fingertips and touch each finger to its own joint. Your hand should look like a little claw.

  1. Grip Strengthener-

Hold a small smiley ball and squeeze it as much as you can. Hold for 10-15 seconds and release. Repeat it at least for 15-20 times with each hand.

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